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Dear Stromberg® fans,

We will introduce the new, even better, Stromberg® guitars in 2013/2014. The instruments will be manufactured in Europe where the Stromberg® family came from.

You can expect the world class jazz guitars soon!

~ The Stromberg® team

Stromberg® Jazz Guitars’ goal has been to present an archtop guitar that will bridge the gap between the recent glut of mass produced, over-hyped factory guitars and the high end hand-built instruments.

We believe we have met and exceeded this goal. There is simply no competition in our price range for a quality, limited production archtop.

• No compromises in craftsmanship, materials or components
• Unmatched playability right out of the box—no costly setup
• A unique blend of traditional and innovative construction features
• Wide range of options
• Timeless, classic styling
• Outstanding reviews
• Tone that you can feel
• Endorsers in all fields of music

What does all this mean to you as a player? Truly beautiful tone in a finely crafted instrument that won’t compete with your mortgage payment and will endure through the years.

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